The Richmond SuperStreet 5 speed is rated 600ft.lbs. and to me has better ratios than the TKO (2.89, 1.85, 1.31, 1.00, 0.78). It fits Javelin with minimal cutting (trim for shifter, bit of hammer work for shift rod clearance) and shifts better at higher rpms ... but more expensive. The Chevy version mates to Lakewood 15411 or Quicktime RM-8075. Hello! 1998 Mustang Trans-Am built and driven to victor at Lime Rocky by the owner of LG Motorsports. One of two built in 1998. I saw this car last week, absolutely amazing! I also talked to the builder/driver Lou last week, and he verified the chassis plate as correct. Immaculate restored condition! NEW paint and livery. NEW motor 817hp. NEW Jerico Trans. NEW Diff.
Used Tremec 6 speed manual , ID # 12552099 from 1994-2002 Camaro Posted 3 weeks ago $850. Saint George , UT . 1 ...

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Roltek Racing T-10 transmission, gun-drilled, 22.25" in length, dog ring style, clutchless operation, 9130 nickel alloy gears with 1.837 1st, 1.519 2nd, 1.234 3rd, 1-1 4th, no speedo gear provision, billet mid-plate, double lip output seal, 26 spline input, 32 spline output.
Quarter Master Aluminum Clutchless Reverse Mount Starter Bellhousing, # Designed to accommodate Top or Side Oil Pump Mounts# Compatible with Quarter Master's true reverse rotation starter with 91-tooth flywheel.

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TR-9080 DCT 8-speed dual clutch transmission: Designed as the sole transmission for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Knowledge Base In our knowledge library, you will find many useful tips and articles about the technology behind our performance-enhancing products.
Oct 28, 2015 · We use a 4-speed to 150mph and only need a 5 speed to go up to 175mph. 6th gear is just a gas mileage gear, and I never use it. Do a little research with the old google and look at LS motors and old-school transmissions. It is possible and likely cheaper. I have a NV3500 5 speed out of an S10 4.3 truck hooked up to my 6.0 LS in my truck.

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Jerico 5 Speed Clutch-less Transmission * Clutch-less Style Shifting * Split Case Design * Weighs 80 Pounds * Large Mainshaft with Caged Needle Bearings * Caged Needle Thrust Bearings between Mainshaft Gears * Caged Roller Bearings Standard in Tailhousing * Polishing Standard
Jerico Performance Products . Copyright - Jerico® Performance Products - All Rights Reserved

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Transmission: jerico clutchless 4 speed, Quartermaster dual dics clutch: Rear End: 9" ford with strange pieces: Chassis: full tube chassis by Mike Carpenter: Body/Paint: all fiberglass body, paint by Andy Stapp AIRBRUSH X-TREME LOCKNEY TEXAS
Jun 24, 2008 · A Jerico 4 speed is avalible with the 1st gear you mentioned GForce G101 is avalible with a 3.4x something first .. bad thing about stuff like that is you run out of gears in te transmission and the splits suck the trans dosent shift that great not to mention the HP needed to pull the splits

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Finally getting this car back together. Got the clutchless 4 speed in, cut the headers up, shortened them to give the car a little more ground clearance, and got most of the the air dam, fabbed up for the brake ducts. Used turbo V band clamps to attach the exhaust to the header.
Dec 22, 2009 · Jerico DR4-4 I am selling my new Jerico DR4-4. This is the special "revision 4" tranny from Jerico, including all the goodies... billet bearing retainer, all rollerized internals, larger mainshaft than DR4, special aluminum case, road race sliders, billet 1350 yoke, etc.This transmission WAS...

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Apr 14, 2008 · ive done it a few times before on my drag car. when i went from a 4 speed jerico drag trans to a 5 speed jerico clutchless trans i had to shorten the drive shaft 1" and reinstall the yolk, weld it in phase to the opposite end and rebalance the driveshaft.
2-speed add-on section only; 3,500.00 2-speed and reverse; 4,800.00 2-speed and reverse w/shifter; 5,100.00 3-speed only; 6,550.00 3-speed and reverse; 7,450.00

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Mar 16, 2011 · I'm not doing this to hate, I'm seriously asking if the drivers brake consistently during a NASCAR race. Also, do they change gears during a race?
This is my 600 horsepower mid 10 second Monte Carlo on the street with a non syncronized Jerico DR4 4 speed transmission. No clutch used for the 2nd, 3rd, o...

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Re: G-Force transmission questions 06-11-05 09:44 PM - Post# 717313 In response to blown454 mine is a daily driver and i love it. clunking is a side effect of mistimed shifts. if done correctly there is no clunk just smooth as glass shifts. the 4-5 shift is the hardest so you may want to use the clutch. to train your right foot to shift correctly you can press the clutch halfway when shifting ...

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How to take apart a Jerico 4 speed dogbox revision 4 top load at home. You will need allen keys, a brass punch, a hammer, rubber mallet, a set of nice snap r...
DRAG RACING/ROAD RACING with 4-Speed MANUALS Gear Vendors makes a kit to fit the Ford Top Loader and Jerico transmissions.The .78 to 1 ratio gives 28% more top. end to the vehicle numerically andcan be used in a variety of ways for the racer. Since the Gear Vendors can be shiftedwithout clutching, it is decidedly faster when compared to a conventional shift.

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Internal view of the GF2400 Clutchless 4 Speed #gforcetransmissions #longshifters #dragracing #4speed #clutchless #happynewyear2020 #newyear #2020
Universal 4 Speed Shifter 11" Tall Slope Back 4" C This is a great universal 4 speed shifter. Not designed to fit a specific vehicle or console, modifications may be...

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I unloaded the Jerico clutchless 4 speed, and fabricated a new transmission mount, trans mount, and installed a new trans tunnel. A new Lenco 5 speed is now installed, and ready for a severe thrashing next weekend.
Rods - Auto Parts for Sale in Seminole, FL: 2003 Kawasaki Klx110 Rear Brake in Clearwater, Scotty 231 bk Black Powerlock in Largo, 2007 Honda Crf450r Bottom End in Clearwater, Tex Racing Jerico Clutchless 4 in St. Petersburg, Minn Kota 1866150 Copilot System in Largo.

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Dec 29, 2015 · For Sale: Lenco ST1200 4-Speed Transmission - BRAND NEW!!! I am going a different direction on my project so our long awaited (6 months) Lenco ST1200 4-speed is up for sale. This transmission is brand new, never run, never installed and will come in the original shipping box.
Jerico Performance Products | Concord, North Carolina ... Hyundai Clutchless Manual Conclusion Pure driving is a traditional manual where you have to screw with the clutch and get the bite point right for a truly perfect shift.

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This is my 600 horsepower mid 10 second Monte Carlo on the street with a non syncronized Jerico DR4 4 speed transmission. No clutch used for the 2nd, 3rd, o...
Jerico Performance Products . Copyright - Jerico® Performance Products - All Rights Reserved

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In my camaro i ran a jerico 4 speed for 10 years, i didnt have any problems with it in that time frame (i have a friend that didnt have the same luck). Expect to have about 6-7k in it for that type of setup, clutch, bellhousing etc.

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